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Starting an Adult Day Service Center in North Carolina

Adult day service centers have grown markedly since the first center in the United States opened in Goldsboro, NC, at Cherry Hospital in the 1960s. Although most of the early centers began with an emphasis on socialization in a supervised setting, more than half of the centers operating in NC currently provide coordinated medical services to meet the growing needs of the people attending centers daily.

Starting an adult day center is not an easy task. Keeping one going after it has been launched is filled with challenges, too. But for those of us who know from our own experiences what day services mean for impaired adults and their family caregivers, the results are well worth the time, money and effort. Fortunately, many have gone before you and a number of excellent resources are available to you as you begin this endeavor.


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Determine a Need for an Adult Day Center in your Area


Join the State Association

The NC Adult Day Services Association conducts research regularly that can be helpful to you in determining whether opening a center is right for you.  State association leaders are a source of tremendous information regarding adult day centers, and meetings offer local opportunities for networking.  You don't have to be an expert to benefit from the association--just a member! 

Know the Rules and Regulations Governing your Area

Adult day centers in North Carolina are certified by the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services.  Compliance with the state regulations is required for operation in North Carolina.  Become familiar with local and statewide licensing/certification requirements, zoning regulations and safety codes.


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