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Must all adult day programs have a nurse?  No.  North Carolina law recognized three models of adult day centers:  social, health and comibnation.  Only health and combination models require a nurse to be on site at least four hours per day when the center is open.

Certified Employee Medical Statement on the DAAS website that is required for newly hired employees 
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Service Standards (HCCBG)
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What rules must one follow to operate an adult day service center in North Carolina?  Adult day service centers in North Carolina are certified annually by the North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS).  Programs serving more than three persons who are not related by blood or marriage to the operator of the facility are required by North Carolina law to be certified.  Certification standards may be downloaded from the NC DAAS website or by calling (919) 733-0440.  County departments of social services and departments off health monitor centers locally on a monthly basis.


How are adult day service centers funded?  Successful adult day centers work closely with the people who choose adult day services to access a variety of funding sources, including but not limited to
  • Private Pay
  • Veterans Administration
  • Medicaid waiver (Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults and persons with Developmental Disabilities)
  • State Adult Day Care Fund
  • Home & Community Care Block Grant
  • Insurance.


What is the average charge for attending adult day service centers?  Many centers charge according to the amount of care needed by the person attending the center.  Centers employing nurses who provide medical services typically charge more than social model centers.  According to the 2015 Genworth Financial Study, the average charge per person per day in North Carolina was $57.  Adult day centers in North Carolina operate for an average of 10 hours per day.


Are consultants available for persons interested in opening adult day centers? Absolutely!  A Directory of Consultants, all of whom are experienced adult day service providers, is available to NCADSA members.  It is also available in the Opening Adult Day Center in NC Toolkit that is available for purchase.  Most consultants are available on an hourly or daily basis and provide valuable information for a very reasonable rate.  Entry in the Director is voluntary and free of charge to members of NCADSA.  All fees and conditions are determined by the consultants and/or their employers.


Do you have other questions about adult day centers in North Carolina or wish to suggest a FAQ for this list?  If so, e-mail NCADSA with your suggestions or questions.