About Us

The North Carolina Adult Day Services Association (NCADSA), a non-profit trade association, serves as the central voice for adult day service providers and the people who use adult day services in North Carolina. NCADSA member centers provide innovative programs that support individuals with physical or mental disabilities in a safe environment during the day. Individuals attending day centers often include persons with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia, developmental disabilities, heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injuries and those recovering from strokes.  Families of the people served in adult day centers enjoy peace of mind and a break from the caregiving routine.


The first adult day center in the United States opened in Goldsboro, NC, in the 1960s.  NCADSA formed in the early 1970s when more adult day centers opened, and has been among the national leaders in developing standards and supporting the growth and development of the industry. NCADSA supports those people who are committed to providing quality care and challenges them to strive for excellence in every aspect of their operation. NCADSA is governed by a board of volunteer directors. Former adult day center director Teresa Johnson serves as Executive Director for the dynamic organization.


Active membership in NCADSA confers full privileges of membership, including:

· Voting (one vote per certified adult day center or respite center)
· Holding office
· Chairing standing committees
· Attendance at NCADSA meetings and participation in the decision-making process
· Submission of names for election to office
· Participation in awards competitions
· Receipt of NCADSA alerts and regular communication
· Participation in training events held by NCADSA at a discounted rate
· Purchase of publications produced by NCADSA at a discounted rate
· Complimentary listing in the NCADSA Directory of Consultants
· Access to the NCADSA Members Only section of our website
· Complimentary link for member organization’s website from NCADSA website