2018 Legislative Priorities

Update Rules to Streamline and Simplify Administration of Services

Maximum reimbursement rates for adult day services are set out in rule (10A NCAC 06Q .0201.), last updated in 1992. No other Home and Community Care Block Grant (HCCBG) services other than adult day care and day health have maximum rates. The rule was promulgated under statutory authority in NCGS 143B-181. The rule should be repealed. There is no fiscal impact to the change. Rate setting for adult day services should be treated like all other HCCBG services to account for differences in different regions and variations in levels of care provided, quality, economics and daily hours of service delivery--six to ten or more hours per day.

Advocating Together
Although the political climate presents challenges, we can hope that our state’s leaders can come together and find common ground to take up issues that are important to our citizens including the five priorities identified by the Coalition.  As members of the NC Coalition on Aging, we are aligned to continue to make the case for additional topics such as increasing funding for the Home and Community Care Block Grant, strengthening support for adult protective services and guardianship and establishing a legislative committee to examine the needs of our state’s older citizens makes sense for our state as our older population continues to grow. 

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